Fashionable Japanese sock maker puts best foot forward in U.S.

Maari Wada, the founder of Live Your Color Inc., was recently featured in a Kyodo News article. Live Your Color specializes in offering high-quality Japanese-crafted socks in the United States, providing a stylish alternative to mass-produced fast fashion socks.

Wada's journey began in 2001 when she founded her company, initially focusing on online sales of American brand products in Japan. Recognizing the lack of fashionable, durable socks in the United States, she introduced Japanese-made socks from Nara Prefecture, known for its sock production quality.

Live Your Color now offers five unique sock brands, distinguished by their durability, soft texture, and comfort. Notably, tabi-type socks gained popularity on the West Coast.

Wada aims to support Nara's struggling sock industry by generating demand and assisting factory owners facing challenges like an aging workforce. Her commitment extends to producing environmentally-friendly products. In October, she started selling the new socks online in Japan, with a portion of proceeds donated to a nonprofit organization providing food to needy children.

Wada's journey to promote high-quality Japanese socks in the United States and beyond continues, and we're proud to be a part of this remarkable story.
November 03, 2022