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Support reforestation with our socks! Each pair you buy plants a tree in the US Forest, California, Oregon, or Washington. Visit our website for comfy, stylish options and choose a nonprofit to receive a $1 donation with your purchase.

Our Sister Brand Shops, featuring items crafted by Japanese craftsman as well.

Nara Tea Co.

We provide the fresh, high-quality Ceremonial Grade matcha from Maruku Koyamaen, cherished by tea practitioners worldwide, along with traditional tea utensils handcrafted by Japanese artisans, offering you the heritage of a culture with over 500 years of history, delivered to your doorstep worldwide.


KimonoZen is an online store specializing in traditional Japanese Kimono Jackets(Haori), known as Haori. Our Haori jackets are meticulously hand-sewn using luxurious silk materials, and each piece is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation. We carefully curate a selection of either new-old-stock, gently used, or high-grade vintage Haori, and we ship them worldwide, offering you the best of Japanese craftsmanship.