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Knitwin Co., Ltd.

Knitwin Co., Ltd.

The wool family factory

A third generation family owned factory that specializes in making socks and best utilizes the benefits of natural fiber.



The Quantity Manufactured: 
Approximately 900,000 pairs per year.

What is Made:
Various types of socks are produced, including low gauge, high gauge and five-toe-socks.

Their Speciallity:
Materials includes natural fiber socks such as silk, linen and wool.
Category of socks: Socks for everyday use.

What can be found at NARASOCKS:
Hand-crafted socks made of natural fibers such as wool, silk and alpaca.

The Owner's Son: Mr. Isato Nishiguchi
The future president who is known as Wool Expert, whose passion, energy, essentriness (which might come across as a little strong for some people) makes him absolutely perfect as the leader of the sock industry in Nara!  
Let ask him anything about wool!