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Top Toe Socks in Japan

About Knitido+
Knitido+ is a Japanese toe socks brand and manufacturer that’s been reinventing toe socks since 1974. Rooted in Eastern wellness, our toe socks have been continuously redesigned and improved to provide the best foot support and comfort ⁠— making them the perfect pair for pilates, yoga and more.

Top Toe Socks
Knitido+'s toe socks are the top selling grip socks for pilates studios in Japan. We also have a collection of patented “Power Pad” socks designed for high performance in pilates, and are an example of our continuous innovation. 

Perform at Your Best With Patented *Power Pads
Knitido+'s Power Pads have cushion pads knitted directly into the sole of the toe sock, and are patented in the United States (#US 10876231 B2).

Frontal view of a woman wearing a pair of Knitido plus brand Moon Phase Toe Grip Socks in navy

Knitido plus

Moon Phase Toe Grip Socks
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